How to Rate a Book on Amazon


Yes, rating a book is easy!

Rating books (you know, the gold stars thing) is an easy way to say Thank You to an author.

At the same time, positive ratings may be the final push a browsing reader needs to take a plunge on a new author.

Ratings are also key in prompting Amazon to throw some extra promotional push into the book. That's why ratings (and leaving longer reviews, if you are inclined) are way more important than most readers realize.

Even the short and sweet reviews go a long ways. And the process is pretty painless!

Let me walk you through it. (And, trust me...the instructions are much more detailed than the actual process is! In fact, you can probably just browse the pictures if you want!)





When you finish a Kindle ebook that you downloaded through your Amazon account, Amazon asks you to rate the book. Click on it and you're half way done!

If an author has provided a link to the rate and review page, rating a book is also just a click or two away.

All of my books have links (hyperlinks in the ebooks, and QR codes in the print books) to make it easy for people to quickly post a review to Amazon. 

The links are also on the book pages here on this site, as well as in an ongoing list at the bottom of this page.

Let's Begin...


Click the link, and you should end up on your Amazon account "Reviews" page. Yes, there is a Reviews page in your account whether you have ever left a review or not. (You know, hope springs eternal and all that!)

Here you will see all the things you have bought, and the book you are planning to rate. The book will show up whether you bought it on Amazon, or somewhere else. Or where given it as a birthday present, or found it inside a bottle washed up on shore during your last vacation...


Click the number of stars you want to give the book. In case your wondering, authors are usually not embarrassed at receiving five star reviews and ratings. 

STEP 3: 

Once you click your selected number of stars (and yes, you can edit the selection in case you slipped) a text box opens beneath the now golden stars.

On Amazon, you must add some text to your review, but it can be as short as a word or two. Or, almost as long as you want!


As you start typing your thoughts on the book, a headline box appears at the bottom of the text submission box. Below that is another bar offering tips, a chance to preview what you've written, a place to upload an image (Maybe you holding up the book smiling, or with tears streaming down your face...of joy, naturally!), followed by the submit button.


Write a short, sweet, and/or snazzy headline! (Or not...but I think it uses the first few words of your review, so get creative and fun here!) Cool! Click the golden submit button and you are finished...with good and sweet karma on the way from all points of the cosmos! 


You've bought the book through Amazon, and you have an Amazon account.

If you're not at the end of the book, with the Amazon prompt, or have the link from me (or any savvy author) in front of you ... no sweat. All you need is in your Amazon account.

So, open another tab, dial in Amazon, and let's get to it.


At the top of the page, head to the tab that says account and lists. Click on it, and the large panel will drop down full of Amazon's services. Look for the "Content and Devices" line, and give it a click.

STEP 2: 

You'll now see a list of all your ebooks. To the left of the title is a small box, with three dots (like an ellipsis). Click it.

A box will pop up with the book's cover, title, and a bunch of options. Too bad, leave a review isn't one of them, but such is life... However, clicking the title to the book is easy enough 🙂

STEP 3: 

You should now be on the top of the page of title. Click on where it says the number of titles. Or, if there are no titles, it will say be the first to leave a review. Same step...


The last click was a shortcut to take you down to the reviews and ratings summary. Next to the list of how each star category is doing is a box to push to write a customer review. Go ahead, push it...

STEP 5: 

After clicking the box to write a customer review, you are magically taken to the same account page with the waiting stars to begin the review, as previously described in the EASIEST section. Which is where you are going next. So, CLICK THIS FOR THE NEXT STEP! (Which is STEP 1 in the "Easiest" Column) 


You have an Amazon account, but bought the book somewhere else, or were given it as a gift. Or it washed ashore inside a bottle...

If you have my link, bingo. It will take you right to the screen to do a quick a review.

If no link is before you, then you just need to head to Amazon and do a simple search for the book (you know...preferably mine :)...) and it will take you to the book's page.

So, shall we play a game... (insert your own computer voice...)

STEP 1: Head to Amazon. You've probably searched for something before, but here's where you do it for those who haven't.

Just like Google, type into the bar. Where it says all (meaning every department in all of Amazon) you can click on the button to display all the different departments and choose Books, or even Kindle Store. 

You can see I went to Books, and entered the name of the first book in the Sage and the Arcane Order series, Cosmic Girl Ascending. 

STEP 2: 

Hit enter, or click on the little magnifying glass on the other end of the bar, and it will show the results of the search. Which in this specific case, brings up both the paperback and ebook versions. Click on the ebook, and you are on your way to the Amazon sales page for it!

STEP 3: 

You are now at the top of the page, and ready to start the quick and easy process detailed in the EASIEST AND EASIER sections. CLICK HERE TO JUMP TO YOUR NEXT STEP! (Which is STEP 3 in the "Easier" Column)