D1 – Dacha Rising

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You are going to laugh. You are going to cry. You are going to cheer the rise of a new hero. And you are going to fall in love with Dacha Mandlebrot.

For…if the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars had a baby, who was then raised by Wonder Woman, it would be Dacha Mandlebrot!

Dacha Rising is Space Fantasy at its finest.

Magic, monsters, mayhem, and majestic might. Space armadas, blistering cosmic-powered duels, shapeshifting demi-ghouls, and one of the Universe's brightest rising stars! Storming through the chaos atop the stallion Mieto, the most powerful horse in existence. And together: a team for the ages!

The galaxy-hopping Mages of the Arcane Order spring into action when a royal pair of newborn twins are kidnapped and stolen off to the prison planet of Jaga Blythe.

A dirty deed pulled off by the mad fire demon, Narglevash the Vile. In league with an ancient and diabolical enemy. The ruthless Black Vorgons, and their armies of monsters plucked from the darkest recesses of the Universe.

Two mighty battles! A rescue attempt for the ages! One thrilling adventure after another, in nail-biting, page-turning fashion. Bam! Dacha is Rising indeed…



Books of the Arcane Universe


“Pure adrenaline rush, with a Davey and Goliath type showdown for the ages! An addictive read.” - The Grimm Reader

“At times evocative of Ursula LeGuin, other settings pure Lovecraftian, the author manages to weave elements of space-age techno-wizardry and down and dirty fantasy into a compelling cocktail. Delightfully refreshing, and with a wicked bite.” - Lucy Diamonds, Goodreads

“Dacha Rising is like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars had a baby, who was then raised by Wonder Woman! Girl power, woman power, Queen power, this is an alternate reality I want to live in! Pure, evocative fun, with a goodness of heart that is rare in today’s YA sci-fi fantasy books. 5 Brilliant Stars!” – Wonder Reads

“The greatest horse and rider combination since Shadowfax and Gandalf, or Silver and the Lone Ranger. I expect many more high-octane adventures are to come and look forward to riding alongside.” – Winds of War

“This standalone book from within O’Donnell's larger Arcane Universe eschews the deeper and more complex origin story of Sage from Earth, to deliver a rollicking thrill ride of the Sage’s best friend within the order. And does so with the same wonder, depth, and imaginative aplomb as the original series. Five explosive stars!” - A Cog in the Machine Blog


Sage and the Arcane Order

The Dacha Trove

The United Series

Blood Lovers Series

The Chaos Deconstructed Trilogy


• Particle 1 •

ELEVATION: Cosmic Girl Ascending

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 2 •

ELEVATION: Racing the Stars

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 3 •

ELEVATION: Into the Beyond

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 4 •

Dacha Rising

(The Dacha Trove Series)

• Particle 5 •

Work Hard Party Harder

(The X-Factor Series)

• Particle 6 •


(The United Series)