One of the most brilliant minds in the world, under attack from a weapon of his own making. Spiraling backward through time, one dizzying reboot after another.

Imagine you wake up on a plane, half a world away from home.

Dressed in clothes you've never owned. Flying under a name you've never seen before. And finding out the worst news imaginable.

Your President is dead!

The President you were going to meet that same day. Back at the firm you helped build. Half a world away.

Only…it is not the same day. It is five days later.

And worse, you are the main suspect. Only you are not you. And you have no idea who you really are.

Strapped aboard a runaway train in your mind, the closer you get to the truth, the farther through the trapdoor you fall.

For you are not on a train. You are on a rollercoaster. With not enough track, and way too much momentum.

So, tighten that seatbelt and hold on!


Thrillers and Chillers