Sage and the Arcane Order


The Arcane Universe is the fictional alternate reality within which several different book series exist. This collective is centered around the Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix, which is an epic fifteen book series, told over the course of five distinct trilogies. Several of these series overlap, venturing deep into each other's realms, and involve familiar characters set in different times and space. The Particle count, tells in which order the books were published, that appear in context to the Universe.

To align the various stories in relation to one another further, the Archivistan Timestamp, gives the approximate date of the story. This Archivistan Timestamp uses the date of the magical "Elevation of Sage", or EoS, as its focal node. The formula uses Earth years, being the standard used by Sage, an Earthling. Stories before this date, which occurred in the first Sage and the Arcane Order ELEVATION trilogy, are listed as being a certain year before EoS, with opposite listing for those taking place after the Elevation of Sage.