U1 – Stranded



Two Families. Both Stranded. Become unlikely allies when they realize they are being hunted. Little do they know, the alliance they form will send waves across the entire Universe. And set a cosmic event on a course that will change history.

Capsized canoes, first contact, and intergalactic teenage romance were not on the Coburn's summer vacation plans. But neither was being hunted by a team of black ops mercenaries. Which side will the Coburn's take when push comes to shove?

If 1967 was the summer of love, 1968 was the summer of intergalactic infatuation. Against a backdrop of the festering Vietnam War and the full blown paranoia of the Cold War, comes a tale of first contact that puts everything in perspective.

First contact never tasted so good. Until the black ops mercenaries began closing in. And learned a teenager's do not disturb sign meant business.

Two families from either side of the Universe. Both stranded with time running out. Cat and mouse tension. Ever escalating. The wonder of discovery. Ever unfolding. The heart pounding thrill of the chase. Ever threatening.


Books of The Arcane Universe


“This is some magical stuff! The planets, star yachts, mountaintop moon hotels, midnight oasis feasts…oh yeah, and the magic is pretty awesome, too!” – The Cosmic Avenger

“Lush and evocative world building, strong character relationships, and the perfect blending of cosmic magic and space-age technology. A new sub-genre, SPACE FANTASY, is being charted before our very eyes, to great success!” – The Grimm Reader (about the ELEVATION Trilogy)

“Wow, a YA fantasy that eschews the grimdark and dystopia, for soaring societies and transcendent heroes. A wonderful change of pace brought down to Earth by relatable characters and the author’s impeccable ear for dialogue.” – The Dancing Librarian (about the Sage and the Arcane Order series)

“I love a good strong woman, taking charge, and laying it on the line. Here, there are so many, I didn’t know who to root for. But, in the end, our young Earth heroine proves she is up to the task. I can’t wait to follow this series!” – Wonder Reads


Sage and the Arcane Order

The Dacha Trove

The United Series

Blood Lovers Series

The Chaos Deconstructed Trilogy


• Particle 1 •

ELEVATION: Cosmic Girl Ascending

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 2 •

ELEVATION: Racing the Stars

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 3 •

ELEVATION: Into the Beyond

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 4 •

Dacha Rising

(The Dacha Trove Series)

• Particle 5 •

Work Hard Party Harder

(The X-Factor Series)

• Particle 6 •


(The United Series)