Helpful Reviews – Why Rate or Review a Book?

Helpful Reviews - Why Rate or Review a Book?

In this day and age, ratings and reviews are as big a part of people deciding whether to purchase a product, see a movie, or eat at a new restaurant as they have ever been. Possibly even more so. Ratings and reviews are important, and today the individual has a louder voice than ever before.

And good reviews are both influential and exponential.

Within newspapers and magazines, on television and radio; book reviews are dwindling and becoming scarcer. Readership and viewership itself is on the move. More and more people are turning to the customer ratings and reviews found online to help make informed decisions about what they are considering.

Rating Stars and Reviews are everywhere!

And they come in all shapes and sizes, and to varying degrees of coherency. (That may be the understatement of this new century!)
As a new author from a micro-independent press—with little in the way of a marketing budget—could I use good customer ratings and reviews?

Well, yeah! And tweets and likes, snaps and chats. Some insta-mention-pin-post-link stuff wouldn’t hurt either. But, first let’s talk reviews.

A well written review is a gem, for it helps both reader and writer alike. Few books appeal to everyone, and the most helpful reviews are an honest assessment of the pros and cons of the work itself. A reader can get a sense as to where the book will take them, from someone who has been along the journey.

I could use some well written and honest reviews. And short and sweet starred ratings, too, if you want to help out in a more streamlined (faster) way! 🙂

And I even wrote a brief how-to guide to help. With pictures!

If you enjoyed the read, I hope you will take a minute to drop some star love. Or, dive in for a few minutes more to write up a sweet review that might get someone else excited about my work. From Sage and her epic unfolding series, to any of my other series or standalones. They could all use some help, and I would appreciate it beyond the stars! (Both the gold ones, and the ones above...)

In my next post, I will give a quick rundown on how to leave a review. Hint: easy peasy...

ps. And, as always, feel free to...

Drop me a line with your thoughts here.