S1 – Cosmic Girl Ascending

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Could you keep Earth's biggest secret, even from your family and closest friends, if the fate of the Universe depended on it?

Sage has been keeping that incredible secret from everyone, almost her entire life. For she's been in training with the most powerful Mage in the Universe. Learning the forces cosmic, and bending their incredible powers to her will.

A skillset she will need. Desperately.

If she's to help rescue her mentor from the other side of reality.

Not the typical afterschool job, for the typical Earth teenager.

But, Sage, is not the typical Earth teenager. Not by a longshot.

The Sage and the Arcane Order Series is Science Fiction, Fantasy, Space Opera, and Female Empowerment, all wrapped inside one epic tale.

A girl from Earth, admitted into the most powerful secret society in the Universe. Full of galaxy hopping Mages and star yachts, magnificent creatures great and small, and a bond between mentor and student like no other. All thrown into motion, and chaos, when a war erupts against the ancient demonworld, and forces an event that could turn the very fabric of existence inside out.

Can this youngest member, in amongst great and immortal companions, offer anything to this rarefied group? Of course. For she carries with her Earth's secret weapon. Her humanity.



The Sage and the Arcane Order Series


“Star yachts, demon vampires, techno-wizard cosmic magic, and world-crafting par excellence – YES, please! And then some!” – The Dancing Librarian

“In a span of a few chapters, we skip school with our heroine, hurtle half way across the Universe, confront a changling demon vampiress, and then settle into a penthouse dinner party overlooking a magnificent metropolis on a wondrous far off planet. That’s just the first course in a novel that is a true feast for the senses.” – Beyond Lightspeed Blog

“Almost overwhelming in its detail, yet, so mesmerizing and playful, I could only surrender and dive deeper into the cosmic abyss. This is such a fun genre mash-up, with series potential to burn. Five well-earned stars!” – Lucy Diamonds, Goodreads

“I love a good strong woman, taking charge, and laying it on the line. Here, there are so many, I didn’t know who to root for. But, in the end, our young Earth heroine proves she is up to the task. I can’t wait to follow this series!” – Wonder Reads


Sage and the Arcane Order

The Dacha Trove

The United Series

Blood Lovers Series

The Chaos Deconstructed Trilogy


• Particle 1 •

ELEVATION: Cosmic Girl Ascending

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 2 •

ELEVATION: Racing the Stars

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 3 •

ELEVATION: Into the Beyond

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 4 •

Dacha Rising

(The Dacha Trove Series)

• Particle 5 •

Work Hard Party Harder

(The X-Factor Series)

• Particle 6 •


(The United Series)