The Cosmic Avenger


Sean is a broad spectrum creative working across different areas, and writing across a wide number of genres.

His Arcane Universe space fantasy books are suitable for all audiences, while his thrillers and chillers tend to skew more mature in subject matter and delivery. 

When he isn't repairing his star wrangler from run-ins with wayward cosmic debris, he can often be found wandering.

But, rest assured, he is not lost.

Well, not entirely...


Hello, and yes this is the section where some of the de-classified bits of information about Sean exist. Though he has always been an entrepreneur and has several new ventures brewing as of this posting, this website will serve as the home for all things about Sean O’Donnell, the Author and the Person. Well, not all things…

Sean has been writing stories since he graduated from crayons to pens. He wrote his first short story as a class assignment in the fourth grade, an epic twelve page thriller that channeled The Heart of Darkness, and Tolkien’s Battle of Helm’s Deep. Though the teacher was impressed, she was less than enthusiastic at his usage of higher level vocabulary, and vivid dive into the macabre.

Sentences like “Hurtling across the main deck, Sorsa stopped momentarily to check on the unkempt captain, but found the grizzled old goat already dead, his slain body riddled with orc arrows,” … just might still be causing nightmares in Mrs. G to this day?
He kept up his appetite for reading and writing through high school, but entered college as an undecided, having grown wise enough to know a creative writing major might not be the smartest choice of studies. He declared as an English writing major shortly thereafter. Many classics, both old (and those that now are), were read, and many words were written.

He left college and began writing short stories, with tentative plans to head to Hollywood to write for the movies, or become a beach bum. That summer he began silk-screening and tie-dying t-shirts instead of heading west like a good man.
Not long after, Dr. Rainbow’s Electric Shop of Colors! was born, and a vibrant and colorsoaked love affair with entrepreneurship ensued. The company produced fun wearable art, specializing in hand dying techniques. One of his most well-known creations was the Cherry Garcia t-shirt line for Ben and Jerry’s, which became the most popular tie-dyed promotion piece in the world.

Though dormant, Sean has plans to bring the company back to life on an upcoming anniversary in 2017. Dr. Rainbow also appeared in a bunch of short comics, written by Sean, and makes his return to the fictional world as part of the Arcane Universe.
Several other businesses along the way have included a gourmet potato chip venture, a vegetarian friendly delicatessen, a philanthropic venture to bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis, and a vintage food truck operation. He is currently learning about video production, special effects, motion graphics, and aerial photography for an unfolding new enterprise.

Sean has also launched Bard and Morgan Publishing, to handle the publishing of his full on return to writing fiction.

On the homefront, Sean grows impressive amounts of produce in his urban backyard, harvesting a record 1591 tomatoes in the bumper year of 2016. Somewhere between a foodie and greenie, all-organic all-gourmet all-the-time works well for him, waistline notwithstanding.
Playing in the outdoors helps with that battle, with kayaking, mountain biking, and plot-walking being chief among his pursuits. But, as his Wanderings page will illustrate, hiking has always been the yin to his writing yang. After finishing his native Adirondack 46ers, in all four seasons no less, he ventured off across the Northeast to hike the highest 115 peaks from the Catskills to Maine. And even wrote about some of it.

2017 marks the year of first publication of full length fiction for Sean, with the first three books of his Sage and the Arcane Order series set to debut over the course of the spring months. Cosmic Girl Ascending, Racing the Stars, and Into the Beyond make up the Elevation Trilogy, the first trilogy of the fifteen book pentatrix that will comprise the epic series.

Spring 2018 will see the release of Stranded, the first book in a second series within his Arcane Universe. Not to be seen as a sluggard, the first book in a third series within the Arcane Universe, The Dacha Trove Series, Dacha Rising, is also being released. Viva la Spring!

With 2017’s book launches, Sean will also be launching a consolidated web presence across all the social media connection hubs to try and bring his online persona as close to his real life personality as possible. Whether that is a good idea or not is still a matter of debate, but it should be interesting nevertheless. So, if you really want to get a feel for what this guy is all about, connect with him on any of the platforms below, and be sure to join The Friend’s List for monthly updates, special treats, and occasional special offers.
As to origins of Sage the Mage, and the Arcane Order...That’s a whole other story...