Arcane Universe


What is the Arcane Universe? It is the magical realm where Space Fantasy rules!

The Arcane Universe is also the fictional alternate reality (and a mystical and wickedly cool region!) where several different book series by Sean O'Donnell take place. And, in essence, exist.

This collective is centered around the Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix, which is an epic fifteen book series, told over the course of five distinct trilogies. The Dacha Trove is a series of novels about Dacha Mandlebrot, a girl from Kleig Rohrshon (and fellow Mage under Simon) following some of her most fun and epic adventures from before she met Sage.

The United Series begins with Stranded, starts on Earth in the year 1968, and heads far off into its own intergalactic journey. The Blood Lovers trilogy ventures into the origins of Vampires, and proves once again that a love story is only as hot as the blood flowing through its veins!

All of these series tie into the same quantum logic and rules of the Arcane Universe. And several of these series overlap, venturing deep into each other's realms. They collide into, careen past, and quite often intersect familiar characters, just set in different times and space.

The Particle count, tells in which order the books were published, that appear in context to the Universe. In some cases this order makes particular story lines more cohesive, as is the case in the early Particle count. 

To align the various stories in relation to one another further, the Archivistan Timestamp, gives the approximate date of the story. This Archivistan Timestamp uses the date of the magical "Elevation of Sage", or EoS, as its focal node. The formula uses Earth years, being the standard used by Sage, an Earthling. Stories before this date, which occurred in the first Sage and the Arcane Order ELEVATION trilogy, are listed as being a certain year before EoS, with opposite listing for those taking place after the Elevation of Sage.

Books of the Arcane Universe


“Star yachts, demon vampires, techno-wizard cosmic magic, and world-crafting par excellence – YES, please! And then some!” – The Dancing Librarian

“Dacha Rising is like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars had a baby, who was then raised by Wonder Woman! Girl power, woman power, Queen power, this is an alternate reality I want to live in! Pure, evocative fun, with a goodness of heart that is rare in today’s YA sci-fi fantasy books. 5 Brilliant Stars!” – Wonder Reads

“Lush and evocative world building, strong character relationships, and the perfect blending of cosmic magic and space-age technology. A new sub-genre, SPACE FANTASY, is being charted before our very eyes, to great success!” – The Grimm Reader (about the ELEVATION Trilogy)

“Whimsical, inventive, sublime, and so well crafted to be indistinguishable from the magic it presents! – Beyond Lightspeed Blog


Sage and the Arcane Order

The Dacha Trove

The United Series

Blood Lovers Series

The Chaos Deconstructed Trilogy


• Particle 1 •

ELEVATION: Cosmic Girl Ascending

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 2 •

ELEVATION: Racing the Stars

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 3 •

ELEVATION: Into the Beyond

(Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix)

• Particle 4 •

Dacha Rising

(The Dacha Trove Series)

• Particle 5 •

Work Hard Party Harder

(The X-Factor Series)

• Particle 6 •


(The United Series)