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I've been cursing how inhospitable this Summer's weather has been for the garden... Until I wander about doing a harvest before the storm and realize okay it's not so bad!

You could say I grow broccoli just to make awesome home style beef and broccoli... And you wouldn't be wrong! 🥦💚😋

I lost track of some broccoli and caught it in the nick of time, just in time to cook up some homemade broccoli cheddar soup! Though, as you can see from that bowl of cheddar, we should probably call this cheddar broccoli 🍲🥦🧀!! And the sausage mushroom wraps for amazing too!

I finally harvested the ingredients for my favorite summer staple. Vegetable medley with some type of protein finished with garam masala and one of the basils.

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