M1 – Monster Zoo




In a Zoo. For monsters. 

A plan to spring Count Dracula and his wife, the Blood Countess, from their exhibit inside Monster Zoo during a G7 pre-summit tour goes off the rails, leaving the Vice President with a group of probationary agents in the middle of the theme park, overrun with otherworldly creatures.

Somehow, he must track down his missing son, re-take Castle Dracula, and rescue the leaders of the free world from the confines of the Count’s chambers to avert a global catastrophe.

Monster Zoo is epic, richly drawn, and unputdownable. A genre-bender that is part monsters run amuck, like Jurassic Park, part government coup attempt, like Seven Days in May—with some Air Force One action and stakes thrown in for good measure.

"Utterly propulsive! Full of creeping crawling suspense and white knuckle action. A fresh new take on Dracula legend and lore. Rogue politicians, rogue monsters, and a special team of newly minted agents caught up in the middle of it all. A fun thrill ride from start to finish!"


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